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Goodbye Arusha

After 8 months spent in Tanzania, it will be soon the time to say goodbye, pack my stuff,  come back to France and continue my studies but it is also the time to do the assessment of this amazing experience.

Personal assessment

This internship was a really good experience. I could meet some interesting people, and a very welcoming country. It was the first time that I left my family for 9 months because I already lived with my parents.

I researched an internship which permitted to discover another culture, and I am not disappointed.  I meet a lot of persons with different cultures. I discovered some amazing landscapes. For the New Year, I assisted at massai dance. It was a spectacular experience.

I could discover the country. For example, during 5 days, I did a photo safari. I spent two days in the Ngorongoro Conservation Area where I saw a lot of animals (Lion, cheetah, leopard, gnu, giraffe, and gazelle). I slept in our camps in the middle of the bush. The night, I could hear the roaring of the lion and the cackle of hyena. Then I went to the park of Manyara and Tarangire. I could integrate myself at this new country and at this new culture in order to live a fully experience.

Professional assessment

I worked during more than 8 months in Tanzania and the way of work is very different compared to France. I managed different kinds of jobs (Waiter, Tent Attendant, Camp manager, Tailors, Carpenters) Do you know a lot of young person like me who manage more than 40 persons? I don’t think so… It was a great opportunity to improve my skills in management and in Logistics. I lived some moments more difficult like in July and in August where I worked 7 days/7 from 8am to 7pm. I was very tired but I had to be available for the managers of the different camps (5 camps in July and August) and for the drivers all the time. It is a reality!!!! Managing in tourism is 24hours/24 – 7days/7 in order to satisfy the dreams of the clients! It was the challenge chosen and I think I succeed it.

To conclude, I will finish my internship in 1 week, I lived great moments, and I will not forget this experience, the persons that I met and the employees of Corto Safaris. In 2 weeks, I will come back to France, I will meet again my family and my friends that I have not seen since 9 months and I will continue my studies at ITEEM. It will be a big change, I will not have responsibilities like that and I will find again a civilized country with the running water and without electricity cut.

I leave you with some pictures of animals.


photo taken by Alban WATINE

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Web Development – Backend feedback

Professionnal and personal contribution
After getting into an e-commerce business for eight months as a backend developer, feedbacks are numerous:

concrete projects that will be used by professional
critical notice and trainer advice on work
prove his adaptation skills
create a network of contacts through the company’s various partners
Learn new programming language and adapted codes in function of customers …

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Project management, the fear of the new

I was responsible for the development of the new the hours counting system which becomes a success. The directors and the employees are satisfied with it. The goals were match. Through this project, I have learned how stressful is a project for the company in its whole, especially for the persons who are concerned …

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A project-prototype, too ambitious…

The status: from Wiki-Castorama project to the lack of liquidity
Animedia works with Castorama for ten years: following a tender, the French distribution chain has chosen Animedia for the realization of 3D and 2D videos to customers (highlighted products by broadcasting clips in stores) or employees (training modules).
Castorama is one of the biggest customers of …

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Best practices in entrepreneurship

In the technological field, about 60 % of projects end up sadly with a failure (source :  It’s said that the best way to avoid failure is to prevent, but it’s a lot easier to say than in practice. In fact, there are many factors interfering with your project’s realization. And if forgotten, …

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Incredible India

7 am, I wake up, time for a shower and let’s go to the office. My bullet, once more, doesn’t want to start! After 10 mns kicking, chalo (let’s go in Hindi)!
Insane traffic to ride, I slalom between rickshaws and cows. 40 mns for 6 kms, fair enough!
Link of my way to work here: 
I …

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Water and wastewater networks: On the leading edge

My internship at Acvatot in Romania deals with a European investment in the rehabilitation and construction of water and wastewater networks. This field is related to construction, networks and even road construction. My mission being principally based on water and wastewater network I have focused my searches on technology related to this field. We …

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Hit the road by the highways and byways

This is my sixth month spent in Romania, an east European country with Slavic and Latin origins, a country where I have lived for the first half of my life, so I may say that I already knew some places and touristic destinations. This experience proved me that time changes things sometimes: finally I …

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To Dos or To Bes?

Working and living in a foreign country is always full of some weird expectations and surprises.
We imagine in it in a certain way and it ends up in some similar or completely different one. In my case it was half first option and half second option.
I was told some facts about Germany. How people …

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Freiburg im Breisgau : Results and feedback

During my internship, I was able to acquire building physics skills; understanding of thermal properties of buildings and influences of different parameters; simulation of thermal properties of buildings; in-advance calculation of energy consumption; application of software tools (PHPP, TRNSYS, CATS-software)
In the time frame given I succeed to achieved the goals and people seemed to …

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