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We are American. You will be assimilated.

I have been in the United States, for 6 months now.
How can I sum up my stay there? At the end of the year I think it more than time to think about my integration.
Did I succeed it?
This question haunts me and I must admit that I don’t the answer yet.
Different levels of integration can be found of course each of them need an answer. The integration can be in the company, in the state of Pennsylvania, in the United States…
Let’s start with the easiest, for what I am concerned I am well integrated in the company.
Bombardier is always a great place to work and study. I’ve been working with and for some great people over there. I have been invited in some great events, I went to the picnic in the funfair, I shared the thanksgiving meal with them and I participated in the lunch of the engineering department. Well, for the anecdote, I must say for the last one it maybe because I cooked some French macaroons. At the end, I really like my department, this company and people over there. It is always a pleasure for me to wake up in the morning to go and work there.
What about Pennsylvania? The state is a good one (no tax on clothes ), I only regret temperatures here. We reached -17° degrees in the end of November… Despite that I love this place, I really enjoy to walk in the wild here and after 6 months I am still impressed by the size of the forest here. It is everywhere, from one part of the state to the other side it is covered by forests. It is so cool to walk along trees, see one deer or two. I learnt that some bears have been discovered near from my apartment, I should be more careful next time. (During fall it is tradition to hunt a deer, if you are crazy enough you can try with a bear. Just remind that a deer and a bear will not “flee” in the same direction and a bear can run faster than you.)
The United States is obviously too huge to succeed any integration in its whole.
I will sum up my feelings like that I enjoyed to live in this great country. I will not affirm that I appreciated everything here, but I will consider myself as a lucky guy if I can stay there in the future.

Eric Heddebaut

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