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3 months later… Look back

After ending my mission in Acvatot and taking back all my suitcases along with the knowledge I have acquired and the very good moments within my team, I have faced the return to the school system. Indeed I have felt that things won’t be the same as before, some lessons and methodologies would interest more than others, being sit down during hours and hours, listening and taking notes won’ be as easy as before. This 8 month internship really change the way you see school, the way you want to over do it and go further. I must admit that you have to find a way to alloy Iteem’s lessons and the new activities you might develop along: creating your own business or invest your time to develop further abilities in a specific field.
As a general feedback of my past months working at Acvatot I really felt of having the role of an engineer, a site engineer implying several tasks to prioritise and than resolve them. It was exhausting and exiting in the same time, it was really difficult sometimes but the satisfaction you get when great things have been accomplished, I really think it worth. Moreover working within a team and accomplishing real missions, having a goal behind, it can’t be experienced during the school time. I have learned the job from passionate colleagues, hard working people and experienced teammates, therefore I wish to do the same in the near future, I wish to show that a career as a site engineer is full of accomplishments and satisfaction despite that there are hard and exhausting moments to go through.
What I have appreciated during my internship were the daily tasks I had to do accomplish. Taking in to care a whole site means to organize your crew of workers, ordering materials and equipment, scheduling tasks to be done, get the information of the on-going situation and finally realize the quality documents attesting of the works done. All this set of missions was joined by an exiting and difficult one: give quick solutions to problems encountered, sometimes predictable sometimes less predictable. Overwhelming this kind of situations was maybe what I have appreciated the most. I have worked with great people and I had to collaborate with Hungarians, experience that I have appreciated knowing the relations between the two countries. About the country, is really beautiful and full of places to visit. I already lived there, but there are so many things left to visit, but I am interested to visit other countries. People are easily sociable and you may find people speaking English and even French. You can be surprised by the quality of life in great cities and the nice temperature.
There are also some facts that I have not appreciated during those 8 months. Concerning my mission would’ve like to continue it and experience the way of installing a system which relies pipelines to the informatics, allowing the control of the flow. About my mission I wish I could take more initiatives and go further in the project but at least it learned me how to negotiate and the management of the people which I am working with. As about the country I have seen several regions where poverty is present and it doesn’t give any desire to visit the country. The roads are also something that should be realized in the future years.
By this last paragraph that I will write for my 8 months mission at Acvatot, acting as a site engineer, I would like to thanks François Debergh, the director of SADE Balkans, Andreea Arambasa the human resources chief who gave me the chance of working within Acvatot Teams, Liviu Rasanu the project manager surveying my internship and showing me the path to his position and finally my 3 site engineers colleagues Dana Ilea, Florien Anghel and Sebastian Dumitrescu who shared to me their experiences, knowledge and unforgettable moments making my 8 months internship a real success. I hope my articles will lead some of you to this company, even to this people mentioned bellow, therefore I wish good look and good bye.

Sorin LAZAR, 4th year student

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Adaptation, the perfect mission for an Iteemian student

Hello again,
As promised, I will explain to you my mission in this fourth article.
First of all, when I arrived in the office to help working on the Stuttgart 21 project, Drees und Sommer had already been working on it since about five years. Processes where already functional, tested and optimized. As a student who …

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Drees und Sommer: a German way of thinking

Hello everyone !
In my third article, I will tell you about the company I realized my internship in: Drees und Sommer. When I was looking for an internship, searching for proposals, I had the ambition to go as far away as possible from France in order to be totally disconnected from my habits and friends. …

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What can I tell you about the integration in China?
In this article, I will try to answer the questions I asked myself before going to Guangzhou.
As you must know today, I was going there without knowing anyone on the whole continent, so I really had to be well integrated!
What should you bring to China?
First, …

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Feedback : What I kept

After 8 months of internship, you surely feel different and more confident about yourself. Even though my experience was more about marketing, I tried to cover an “evangelist” job by advising about technology every time the question was asked. So in conclusion I may say that I benefited from this twice. I believe I …

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Take me under your roof

The Czech culture is very rich. I spent most of my time discovering how rich it was thanks to my tutor, who spoke both French and Czech. She explained most of local customs, products, lifestyles or even society issues. But thus, it was clear that Czech and French didn’t have the same work style.
In …

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See you later Radins !

After complicated beginning with the stories of visas and the various disappointments, I think I rebounded well. I did an internship that confirmed my choice of career plan, that is to say, the world of the web (very large..).
In this course, I have both been able to implement certain things seen in school but …

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Be “Radins” !

Hello everyone!
I love my internship, I love the company! The missions are interesting and varied. I am going to present you my role at

Increase the amount of cashback deals on
Negotiate the increases of remuneration and the advertising emphases with our partners
Facilitate the heading cashback
Manage shipments emails of cashback
Manage customer service (answering customer …

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What is Cashback ?

The term cashback, often written as one word , means “cash back”. It now refers to the online discounts offered at partner merchants via the affiliation. This reduction is applied after purchase with reimbursements made to the consumer, usually on an online account on the cashback site. This phenomenon tends increasingly to develop thanks …

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What a beautiful region ! !

Lille and its surroundings are beautiful places. I grew up in this area and I still love it. There is always something to do, place to see and people to meet. People in the North have in the heart the sun they have not in the sky. But sometimes, the sun is even so …

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