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8 months later…

8 months later…back to where it all started.

I like to think that we all grow up with such experiences. Immersion in a new culture, getting out of our comfort zone. We all want to open up to the outside world, to have this universal adaptability , and what better way to figure out our proper potential than loosing ourselfs to the unknown.

Now, 8 months later, time to give a feedback, time to throw a look back.

One more line on our CVs, one more professional experience on our timelines, one more opportunity to gain credit from the potential future recruiters.

During this internships, I had the opportunity to be inside and outside the field and assist in different tasks among the Manufacturing Engineering department in some of its current programs with an international insight.

The more I learned, the more I figured out how much I still needed to learn and to nurture my knowledge. I tried to make the best out of it and interact with as much people as I could within the limited time available. This has been a professional and personal experience that definitely strengthened and challenged my skills at different levels and for sure I will never see car seats and the automotive industry in the same way again.

Living in Germany has many advantages and I was very much surprised of how comfortable I felt throughout the time I spent in this country.

Safety is the main word, Anywhere you go, at anytime of the day or the night you feel yourself in secure.

People are treastful and  very sociable, they are eager to learn and most of the time willing to keep in touch with people they juste got to meet.

I didn’t speak a word of german, but no worries,Germans speak very good English in almost all the situations and when they didn’t I managed to train myself speaking basic German.

And of course the the German knowledge, the Deutsh Qualitat. Life rate isn’t very high comparing to France, but quality life is clearly a step forward.

If I had to choose , I would clearly go for this experience again,except I would have professionally connected with more people than I did and widened more my network. The work rythm is tough and with 2 hours per day of transport time It is hard to find energy during the week to attend  events. But Still, I will try to better manage my time for the next time.

Now, I feel myself more ambitious to make things work out there.I want to get involved, build projects, feel mysel useful through my work.

To end, here are some points I would carry with me for the upcoming years and hope they can inspire you to achieve what you wish as well.

-          To acheive Big, Dream Big.

-          Be optimistic, learn from your mistakes and keep going.

-          The world is your hometown,Just open up.

Now, wishing good luck to the next class going on the 8-month abroad experience.

One tiny Advice : Make the best out of it.

Najoua Essellami

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