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Willkommen at Faurecia !

Faurecia´s Logo

Faurecia´s Logo

Let me introduce you to my 8-month host Company Faurecia.

You have maybe never heard of this company before but I am quite sure you have already and for several times got into a car that was equipped by some Faurecia components; In fact 1 car out of 4 in the world is equipped by a Faurecia system.

Some Histoy

Faurecia was formed in 1997 following a merger between Bertrand Faure—a specialist in spring-based seat cushions for the automotive industry—and ECIA—a Peugeot subsidiary and manufacturer of seats, front ends and vehicle interiors with a reputation as one of Europe’s leading names in exhaust systems.

Some figures

Faurecia is 18 million Euros in sales, 97500 employees, 320 sites, 34 countries and 485 programs in development and all these elements make of this company the 6th largest automotive supplier and a global leader in its four areas of business: automotive seating, interior systems, automotive exteriors and emissions control technologies, serving multinational automotive manufacturing companies such as VW,BMW,Peugeot…

Faurecia´s customers

Faurecia´s customers

Let’s have a look at those 4 Business Units ….

Automotive Seating: this division is about designing and manufacturing different frames and shapes of Seatings while implementing innovative and functional Features including intelligent seat adjustment, customized comfort…

In the R&D center in Stadthagen where I am currently working we design each metal part of the seats in accordance to the customer needs, then we set up  the production including the machines and Toolings in the plants, in the most time-optimized and low-costly way for the serial production.

Each new program in the automotive seating division is meant to be the most efficient, valuable and profit making possible and R&D centers should anticipate the needs of the customers and chase continuous development and improvement of the products, from initial concept to finished product.

Adding to that Faurecia also operates in three other divisions: the Interior Systems, developing and producing Instrument panel, cockpits, door panels, Acoustic products ….Exterior systems including engine cooling system, Composite structural parts such as floors, roof structures…

And last but not least the Emissions Control Technologies division which develops and manufactures up to date and ecofriendly emission control systems.

The Active expansion of the company

Faurecia is constantly targeting to expand its business in different lands around the world. The Asian continent that knows an impressive automotive growth is currently its main expansion land target.

So as to achieve some essential financial savings, Faurecia is slowly relocating its production plant to the Asian Continent and to East Europe, to make profit of its cheap workforce and low cost environment.

This is how in Stadthagen where the R&D Automotive seating headquarter is located, the production plant was moved to Pisek in Tchek republic and Walbryzch in Poland some few years ago –only remained a prototype and JIG shop- Consequence of high life rate in Germany and of this absolute world crisis.

Launch of Being Faurecia

One of the main objectives of the company for these following years is to strengthen the company´s values and principles. And therefore reinforce the bones between each of its different worldwide structures.

The program Being Faurecia, launched some few months ago, aims to achieve those objectives and build this strong corporate culture that each company is constantly seeking. This program includes 4 main components: Generating the next generation of Senior Managers, improving the High Potential management, Increasing Corporate training effort and Building strong management teams.

Times are changing, and in order to increase its employees and customers loyalty and ensure an overall healthy business environment, the companies need to give value and involve each of those parties, and Faurecia is working towards into it.

Today The change isn´t tactful yet and I personally needed some time to get used to their way of working, where each one is focused on its own task and the general interaction still isn´t on the top.

To finish, I am very glad for putting a foot in the automotive industry, one of the most competitive industries in the world and having this opportunity to take part and be involved in high rated customer projects. This is significantly changing my outlook and understanding of managing businesses in such industries.


Faurecia Plant in Walbrzych in Poland

Faurecia Plant in North America









So Viel Spaß and See you for my next Article!

Najoua Essellami



Faurecia internal documents


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