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Complexity of India!

How to speak about India? How can I describe what is this country when I only know a little part of one city?


I decided not to give you a global vision about India, but just to speak about what I really discovered during these firsts 4 months.


I live in Bangalore! Eldorado for all the IT companies, this city is located in the state of Karnataka. The city counts 6 millions of people, no 8… or 14? no 9. Ok no one is able to determine how many people live in the city.



Cities grow so fast that their borders are unknown. Bangalore includes step by step all the cities around the centre. Just like in most of the cities in India, there is no centre to care about the development; to be sure that urbanization does match with the needs of the city, with the needs of the people. And that is of course a problem.

Water is not safe, no sidewalks, no treatment of the garbage… what a mess!


Most of Indians don’t fell concerned by ecology, what is quite a big problem regarding the population.

How can a country develop itself smartly if they don’t respect it?


Europe did the same at the time of the industrial revolution. How can we impose them some limits that we did not respect in the past? Even if we were not really aware of them…


I often speak with people I meet; about ecology. Of course, they answer that it’s not their first concern. Modi has started a plan “Clean India”, communication or real action plan? That’s a pretty good question.


I had the opportunity to move a little around India and to discover different places. Those which are clean are exceptions. I wish I could see more places like that.

The potential is huge, but wasted.




India as you all know is also a big potential for production and retail. The cheap manpower is their main strength to develop more and more industries, the population already huge but still growing lets appear a phenomenal market.

But the reality shows that working in India is a full time fight!




Taxes inside the country are very high. It can sometimes be more interesting to send a product in Europe and send it back to India than to send directly the product between states in India itself. Surprising, right?

India is only placed at the rank 71 by the world economic forum in term of easy-business.

And is placed 40 places behind China and Russia by the Mundial Bank for the facility to create a business…


For the retail part, a partnership has to be created between a French and an Indian company. While everything is ok, there is no problem. But at the time an issue appears, it becomes very difficult to find a solution as the way to pilot a company is extremely different in each country.



And so much more difficulties are faced in India. Fortunately, the size and the potential of the country save it.





India is also a fabulous country for who wants to have a spiritual experience.

They faced in the past a lot of issues between communities. It has been difficult and it took time to organize the society so that everyone can live in peace.


In Bangalore, all religions are respected and the city is a mix of culture. Every time I ask someone: Where are you from? They answer “India”. Thanks buddy, what a patriot! But I mean, where from India? In 4 months, I’ve never heard that someone were from Bangalore.

People are ready to move all around the country to find a job. Distances don’t appear like a constraint for them.

There are lots of opportunities for anyone who is ready to work hard.


For an expensive city like Bangalore, they don’t earn so much money but it’s enough to live.

The paradox is that they will spend a lot of money in smart phones, bikes and divers equipments while they live in small and unequipped rooms.


To tell you the truth, I am not a big fan of Bangalore. It’s a huge, dirty, crowdy and noisy city. I am happy there thanks to my friends and my work.

Indians love this city. While I am looking for green, clean and quiet places, they are looking for animation, crowd and divertissement.


When I can, I take my bike and I go out of the city for a one day trek. I am also very happy to discover some areas of Bangalore like “city market” where you will find a market for flowers, one for steel, and another for spices. It’s part of the Indian way of life.




With a superficies of more than 3 millions square meters (5x superficies of France), you can travel around India with all climates, all relief.

You have thousands of places that you would like to discover. You will speak with a lot of people, and each one of them will tell you how beautiful are their hometown.


From Andamans and Nicobar where you can enjoy the paradisiacal islands to Ladakh where you can trek at 6000m, you have so many possibilities to enjoy India. And that is why I like this country.

I could stay here for the rest of my life without having enough time to discover all India.

I have already been to Kochin, Chennai, Mahabalipuram, Pondichéry, Coimbatore, Kolar, Goa, Ludhiana, Chandigarh, Jalandhar and the Island of Havelock! And even more destinations that I would like to visit…


Quite good in 4 months, most of time in a sleeper bus with a total of 24 hours of transport per week-end!




You understand now that India is full of paradoxes! After 4 months, I sometimes feel tired… but I believe it’s because I live all the moments at 100% of their potential.


I’ve been told before this internship, “You will love or hate India, it’s black or white, not grey!”


These people should spend more time here. They should go deeper into the Indian way of life. How can they get an opinion like that about a country where diversity is more important than anywhere else?


I don’t love India, I don’t hate it either. I see a lot of advantages in having my life here, as I also see some inconveniences sometimes.


The most important thing is that the balance remains positive. This adventure is 100% positive. Goods moments are memories, bad ones are experience. In difficult moments, I always think about that.


Let’s see in one month with another article if the result is still that good!




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