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My landing in Barcelona

Few days after my arrival in Barcelona, ​​I still wonder how a city so close to the French border can be as different from what we know here. Indeed, Barcelona has no time difference with Lille but this does not prevent a gap in the pace of life that is much later than ours. Let me explain: If you usually eat lunch around noon in France, Spain, do not expect to find a restaurant ready to welcome you before 2pm.. At night it is even more different, For a traditional French, eat around 7pm In Spain it will be in 10pm you would start to move to eat. This shift is actually valid for all nightclubs where you’ll see nobody before 2am. We can say that the rhythm is different but we get used to it quickly I can testify!

I could already meet many people living in Barcelona with the roommate where I live. We are living at eight people in a 220m² with different nationality: french, spanish, mexican, islandic, german, swedish and american. This cosmopolitan roommate is the best way to meet others people especially during this time (summer vacation) because roommates change very often due to simple holiday few weeks for someone.

Spain and especially Barcelona is a place where life is good. However, some things are very uncomfortable. The first is the number of bag snatching in Barcelona, and people must constantly pay attention to their things. Over time, we quickly recognized the thieves and now we have the habit of paying attention.Each time, I just take with my only it is necessary. The second is the side “too touristic” of Barcelona, there is too much tourists, and during all the year. Menus restaurant are translated into different languages, some restaurants propose their menu in over 10 languages. Merchants speak all the time English and regardless of the origin of the person in front of them. The perfect exemple of what I mean is La Rambla, one of the most visited places in Barcelona, a very long street of 1,2 km, All along the street there are shops, stalls, street vendors and restaurants for tourists.



My roommates took me to visit a place of magnificent Barcelona: Bunker carmel del turó de la Rovira. It is a place very far from the city center but is essential when visiting Barcelona. This place offers a panoramic view overlooking Barcelona.

Bunker del Carmel Torò de la Ravirabunker noche barcelona 1

Rather prefer to go to the bunker week because a lot of people goes there on weekends which removes one of the charms of this place: tranquility.

My adventure in Barcelona is just beginning and I intend to share with you.

Arthur Tiberghien

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If I had known …

If I had known …
I will do it again !
April 2013 : I had 2 choices for my 8-months internship
- Shanghai, Logistics, Oxylane, Big Company, 5 friends going there
- Santo Domingo, Business Development, ChocoMuseo, Start-Up, I knew no one who had been there
As you read in my previous articles, I chose Santo Domingo, the …

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Chocolate is trendy, what else ?

I present the Start-Up where I worked in a previous article, so why making local natural chocolate is a success ?
Chocolate is TRENDY – DELICIOUS – can be DAILY or a LUXE – Chocolate is all over the world !
This is an article filled of informations about cocoa and chocolate that I discovered during …

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“Gracias a Dios.”

YES, Being a white working woman non-believer doing studies and not-crazy-of-beauty-stuff can be an obstacle to our integration in a South Developing Country.
♦ White woman working
It is hard to explain the reality but if you have been in any South or Latin Country you will understand me quickly. It can seem like stereotypes but it …

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The Europeans’ disappeared smiles are here !

Smiling and free courtesy is a good practice we are losing in France.
I come from the North of France, I have always lived and studied there. A famous quote about this part of France said : “The North people have the Sun they do not have in the sky in their heart”.
Now I can …

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Wake up, time to go home !

Good morning fellas !
Since I’m back in France (2 ½ months already), I think time has come for my feedback.
Professional Experience
As you know (because of cours, you have read all my previous articles) I was working for a very important French group: Vallourec. This, indeed, will make a fine new line on my CV …

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A Journey

Hello and Selamat datang !
In this post I will expose some of the things I saw in Indonesia during my one-month-travel through Java and Sulawesi. This article contains a lot of pictures, I in fact find it easier to show you something than to explain how it looks.
One hour flight from our dear island (Batam) …

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Petit pays je t’aime beaucoup

Hi dear all,
I think the time has come for me to forget my internship for a while and focus on an as interesting subject: Indonesia.
This country where, in mars, I would have spent 3.43 % of my life, kind of feels like home at the moment and, to be honest, I don’t really miss …

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Back to the starting gate

After spending 8 months in Shanghai, it is time to come back in Lille. But I didn’t do the journey Shanghai-Paris directly, I spent one month travelling in south Asia before going home, it was spectacular.
First, I went with two friends to Vietnam during one week, it was an opportunity for me to discover …

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Bye-Bye Barcelona !

Feedback about my experience in Barcelona

One word? gorgeous!
Living in Barcelona is very pleasant

I really loved living in Barcelona, ​​this city is fantastic, so lively , lovely and sunny . There are so many things to see and do , it is impossible to get bored. I became attached a lot to Barcelona , …

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