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Taking French leave to Germany

„Komm wir stehlen uns davon in ein neues Land, wo die Sonne immer scheint wo wir immer glücklich sind“

_Let’s take French leave to a new country, where the sun always shines and we are happily ever after _

„Wird höchste Zeit zu gehen, komm lass uns fliehen“

_It is high time to go, come on, let’s go_

Komm wir stehlen uns davon – Samuel Harfst feat. Sarah Brendel

Digital photgraphy of a girl running in the woods: Running with the fairies © 2012 Kylli Sparre BY-NC

Running with the fairies © 2012 Kylli Sparre BY-NC


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Sharemyclick an online marketing company

Sharemyclick is an online marketing company based in Barcelona, ​​Spain. This company is growing in several different areas: Email Marketing, Display Marketing, SEO. Sharemyclick was created in 2013 by three partners: Gregory Adams, Jeremy Alexander Mazeron Skelland and it is now composed of 10 people divided into three distinct areas: marketing, finance and IT. Despite this separation …

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Acvatot, a provider of services related to utilities networks

ACVATOT, provider of construction and rehabilitation of various types of networks, treatment plants and wastewater treatment plants
For my third month passed here in Romania and for my third publication I will describe the environment where I am exercising today. I will present even more detailed ACVATOT, the host company ensuring my internship for 8 …

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India and France! A lot to share

After more than 3 months in India, I decided to write about what we could duplicate in France from here.
I was looking at the subjects we have to work on. And when I saw this one, I wondered “Woahoo, that’s a pretty good question!”
It took me time to find what I could develop on …

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Solares Bauen, a company committed to sustainable development

About Solares Bauen GmbH

Solares bauen GmbH was created in 1999 by Martin Ufheil in collaboration with the group Solar Architecture at the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (Fraunhofer ISE). Their engineers come from the Fraunhofer ISE and from long-serving consultants. They believe that the close integration of practice and research for their customers …

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Welcome in Romania !

Country : Romania
Capital : Bucharest
Area : 238,391 km2
Population : 21 729 871 (2014)
Currency : Romanian Leu (Ron)
Did you know that Romania has a seaside ? To be 100% honest with you, I didn’t. In my first article I talked about my expectations for those 8 months and my first impressions in the country, now let me introduce …

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Germany is healthy and wealthy!

It has been now Almost 2 months since I first arrived in Germany and the fact is that the more you spend time in this country, the more you appreciate it and the more you want to know about it.
Plus, I am lucky having awesome flat mates and colleagues to introduce me to this …

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China, a place where you can experience unusual things

Howdy my fellow readers! It has already been a month since I last wrote an article, and many things happened. Yes, things move very fast in China. So you need to eat well. It starts with breakfast; in China it is a little bit different from France, because you eat your breakfast at the …

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Spain a long story

Spain,a country in southwestern Europe,  is the largest part of the Iberian Peninsula. Various events mark the history of this country such as the Roman era, the Muslim conquest of  the 711-1492 or colonial expansion.  One of the most important events in Spain was the Reconquista.
One of the biggest major events in Spain was the …

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A French company in India.

Founded in 1995, Animedia is now a recognized actor in the e-learning and e-marketing, based in France for the directorate (administrative, financial, commercial) and in India for the project management, design and production (development / design). So I do my internship in India, in production team under the responsibility of a business manager.
Animedia provides …

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