Singapore – dreamed it, wished it, got it !


My internship far far away from France : dreamed it, wished it, got it ! Here I am in Singapore, appreciating my new asian life style.

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But the beginning was not so easy. I was not afraid of leaving France, I was afraid of losing my comfort life. My biggest fear was the next : how will I do to eat whereas I don’t like rice (yes, I’m a meat lover, so what?)? Because it’s well known, in Asia, everyone eats rice, and sometimes noodles, but nothing else. An other fear was the cost of living in Singapore, the richest city … More

Hamburg: Let’s start the adventure!

Hi everyone!

Welcome to the International Blog of Iteem, I hope you will enjoy reading our adventures from all around the world! For my part, I will tell you my life in Germany: my experiences, my work, my everyday life and all my discoveries!

But first, let’s go back a few years ago…. I remember when I have discovered Iteem for the first time and when I have learnt that I will go abroad for an 8 month internship. I have waited this moment with anxiety and excitation during three years.  As everyone I think, I have dreamt to go … More