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Top 5 – Best practice in German industry


We have all heard of the “Deutsche Qualität”, and the German industrial success story.
Through my internship here I’ve experienced the origins of this fame.
It comes from the deep business culture anchored in German society.
The root of a company being the employees, I decided to study a little closer how workers are treated and what makes the big differences.


So let me introduce you to my TOP 5 Best practices in the German industry !

This is the basis, the very one important cultural element from which all other come.

It is commonly believed that trusting people inspires them a feeling of honor and makes them want to not disappoint.
Each employee is given responsibility of a project, a sub project, a part of a work or even team bounding activities. People driven by responsibilities are more likely to achieve objectives.
There is a feeling of freedom in the team. freedom to come and go, to leave early, to drive a project as wanted, to discuss with other teams. This allows team bounding and the exchange of precious information.
A project has objectives, plans and no delays are tolerated. if there is a delay, your plan wasn’t correct and you should correct it for the next round. This can be perceived as pressure, but it is really reliability. You cannot lie about your plans, because remember : they trust you !
Working together, intra/extra-team is greatly encouraged. The objectives of a team overcome personal pursuits.

Of course I don’t mean that those values don’t exist in other countries’ business cultures, my intention is to explain how strongly they are integrated to everyday work life in Germany.

There are also drawbacks: bureaucracy, human mistakes, overconfidence.
Therefore, I deeply believe that the whole point of this internship (even the whole process of discovering professional models) is not to elect the best system and strictly apply it, but rather gather the qualities of each and slowly tend to a better and more personal fitting model.

If I should stick to my own experience as intern is a big luxury automobile company, what really comes out for me is the quality of life the employees have.
Overtime is easily exchanged with a day-off as equivalent; the company takes special care of general health, through sports event and the sponsoring of business canteens. Employees, are listened to, and they do weigh in the department decisions. When this sounds like a company paradise, I do think that working in such a company inspires me the motivation to work hard to stay.

BMW is one of the main employer of the city of Munich

BMW tower on the left & Olympic Tower in the center

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