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Spain a long story

Spain,a country in southwestern Europe,  is the largest part of the Iberian Peninsula. Various events mark the history of this country such as the Roman era, the Muslim conquest of  the 711-1492 or colonial expansion.  One of the most important events in Spain was the Reconquista.

One of the biggest major events in Spain was the Reconquista, it began in Asturias and ended January 2, 1492 when Ferdinand II and Isabella of Castile, “Cathos Kings” hunt the last Muslim ruler of the peninsula Boabdil of Granada. The Order of the Alhambra is the edict of expulsion of Jews signed March 31, 1492 by the Kings Cathos in Alhambra, three months after the capture of Granada.

The country has grown considerably from the 15th to the 18th century but declined with the loss of its colonies throughout the 19th century after the Movida (a creative cultural movement that affected the whole of Spain at the end of the period Spanish transition to democracy in the 80s after the death of General Franco, to the civil wars in Franco).

July 1936, Emilio Mola and Francisco Franco organized a nationalist and the coup which marked the beginning of the Civil War military uprising. The Republican camp embodied the legal government of the Second Republic supported by militant representatives of progressive trends dubbed the “rojos”. This war also took the form of a social revolution that created conditions collectivization of land and factories. During the civil war, there was the tragic episode of Guernica, it was from this time that Germany and Italy supported Franco assumed dictatorship from April 1939 and he established an autarky economic. After a long period of Francoism was omnipresent, the first protests began in universities in the 60s. Franco lost its power and in 1974 he handed over the duties of head of state to Juan Carlos.

The economic situation left by the Franco regime left Spain for 40 years as a cut immobility economic poverty, low industrialization, inadequate transport infrastructure. After a long period, an agricultural country, Spain has experienced significant socioeconomic changes in the second half of the 20th century. It has now diversified economy thanks to the rapid growth of the industry since the 50s and the growth of tourism.

Since 1959, a series of development plans contributed to the country’s economic expansion. The development of metallurgical and textile industries, shipbuilding and mining was privileged. Spain has become in less than 20 years a large industrial and agricultural power. However, it is tourism that the country now draws the most revenue.

All this allows Spain to be today the 12th world power. It has experienced rapid and significant economic development since the late 80s and especially since its integration into the European Union in 1986.

However, the country maintains important contrasts between the most industrialized and dynamic and those backward regions, and that while the European Union downgraded the distribution of structural funds in view of the increase in participants. Spain has become a net contributor of funds for less developed regions of the Union. This country now has about 47,265,000 people of all origins and religion with a density of about 92 inhabitants / km²

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A French company in India.

Founded in 1995, Animedia is now a recognized actor in the e-learning and e-marketing, based in France for the directorate (administrative, financial, commercial) and in India for the project management, design and production (development / design). So I do my internship in India, in production team under the responsibility of a business manager.
Animedia provides …

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Freiburg in Breisgau, capital of Ecology !

Freiburg im Breisgau is a city located in Bade –Wurtemberg. The city is one of the southernmost cities in Germany. It is crossed by the Dreisam and sitting on the foothills of the Black Forest. The city center is about twenty kilometers from the Rhine and France, and about 70 km from Switzerland. Fribourg …

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No regrets !

As everyone, I was looking forward to fly to an exotic country and discover everything about it. But honestly, after my 3 months internship as a site engineer last summer, I understood that this 8 months internship was a huge opportunity to fill up my CV. In order to be able to compete with …

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European women in India: Adventure or experience?

We are four iteem students, this year, doing our internship in India. Four but not a girl.
When we arrive in this country, or at least in Chennai, one realizes that there is a different atmosphere from that of the France. A way of life, a way of acting, of mentalities that have nothing to …

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Discover of Tanzania

After 2 months  in Tanzania, I could discover my new country with its culture and its history. I will share you through this article.
Tanzania is bordered by the Indian Ocean; it shares its borders with Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi,  Zambia, Malawi and Mozambique. Its insular part, the Zanzibar archipelago, consists of three main islands: …

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All about Germany

Brandenburger Tor
When travelling around the world it is always very interesting to learn about the history and the culture in order to better understand the country as it is is today. This background image that you paint by reading about the old times gives you perspective to not only consider the fact but the …

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A region of hills and mountains

Well, even if I stayed in France, I was exiting living north region (I did not move from there for three years). I know that the region I was going to spend eight months was mountainous.
I started to hike for weeks ago and I become little by little addicted by all the panoramas that …

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Romanian lands, people and living

Romania is today a country of more than 20 million inhabitants over 237 500 Km2 of lands. With a multicultural background, this country managed to keep Slavic and Latin traditions, from the basic plates through the language. Situated in East Europe, its neighbors are varied: non integrated and integrated countries in EU. Over the …

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Find your internship, find you next 8 months of living!

Finding my internship for the second year has been a disaster!
I thought “ok Ben, you have time, let’s postpone your researches”. Well, not exactly… Because at the beginning of June, I still had no training. Thanks to my contacts, I finally got one, in IT, and even if it was not exactly what I wanted, …

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